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3 Ways I Plan On Growing This Year

Growing in 2018

I’m honestly SO excited for this year! I just have a gut feeling 2018 is gonna be good to me. I like making goals for myself at the beginning of every year, as most people do, and usually those goals are related to school and my career. This year, however, I  want to focus more on myself as a person, separate from my achievements. There are three things I want to grow in this year:

First, I want to be a better friend. Between work and school, I’m super busy all the time.. and now that I’m a new mother, I’m going to be even busier than ever before. This year I want to do better about staying in touch with my friends and not using my busy-ness as excuse to not call, text, or hang out with them often. My friends are always understanding when I’m slow texting back or when they don’t get a call from me for a few weeks, because they’re just as busy with their own lives. Still, I want to make more of an effort to catch up with them at least once a week.

Second, I want to be comfortable doing nothing. As I mentioned above, I’m used to being busy and going, going, going all the time. I want to be comfortable with just relaxing and not feel like I have to be productive all the time. A break is much needed.

Third, I want to spend more time outdoors. I spend wayyyy too much time inside on my phone and laptop. This year I want to spend more time doing things outdoors. My boyfriend and I used to go hiking when we first started dating, so I want to start that back up. I also want to take my daughter and dog on walks and to the park regularly, instead of being cooped up inside.

50 Life Goals

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You can’t get anywhere in life when you have no idea where you’re trying to go. I think about what I want to do with my life on a daily basis, because I feel that even my unrealistic goals can be attained as long as I’m making small steps toward them as frequently as possible.

Sooo here is my list of goals I want to accomplish in my lifetime, not that you care, BUT I encourage you to make a list of your own even if it’s just a mental list.. It really does help with staying on track.


Random Goals

  1. Attend The Grammy’s
  2. Purchase a Louis Vuitton bag
  3. Move to a new city/state
  4. Graduate with my Bachelor’s degree
  5. Buy a new car – Accomplished 5/3/16
  6. Buy my own home
  7. Buy a beach house
  8. Get one last tattoo
  9. Swim with dolphins
  10. Go parasailing
  11. Adopt another dog
  12. Get an out-of-state internship
  13. Read regularly
  14. Be involved in a social activism movement
  15. Blog regularly
  16. Purchase a white Baby Grand Piano
  17. Purchase a record player
  18. Attend The VMA’s
  19. Stay out of debt
  20. Go to a painting & wine/coffee class
  21. Do professional family portraits with my dog
  22. Donate to a women’s shelter

Career Goals

  1. Start my own entertainment media production company
  2. Host my own podcast
  3. Build a small studio in my home
  4. Do freelance voice-over work
  5. Do a TED Talk
  6. Start an organization that provides mentoring & tutoring for at-risk youth

Skill-Set Goals

  1. Learn to play piano well
  2. Take voice lessons
  3. Become proficient in HTML & CSS
  4. Learn to do photography
  5. Become fluent in Spanish

Travel Goals

  1. Visit Los Angeles
  2. Visit Las Vegas
  3. Visit Italy & eat pasta all day everyday
  4. Visit the Dominican Republic
  5. Visit Jamaica
  6. Visit Cabo San Lucas, Mexico
  7. See Lion King on Broadway again
  8. Take a cruise
  9. Attend Mardi Gras in New Orleans

Lifestyle/Family Goals

  1. Pay for a vacation for my parents
  2. Visit my family & close friends regularly
  3. Have a happy marriage
  4. Work out at least 3 times a week
  5. Cook everyday – Sooo I don’t cook EVERYDAY, but I have leftovers of something I cooked everyday at least.
  6. Cut out fast food for at least a month
  7. Host a holiday dinner


I’ll add to this list and check things off when they happen.

Don’t Rush Your Life!

Morgan with back facing camera

I’ve been 24 years old for a little over 48 hours now and it’s still crazy to me that I’m almost in my mid-twenties… What’s even crazier is that, as a kid, I thought by the time I was 24 I would have my life together. Riiight.. I still feel like a kid!

I will give myself credit though– I have set goals I’m working at everyday to try to accomplish(part of the reason I made this blog) and I’ve learned over the past few years that as long as I work hard and believe in myself and my abilities, things will work out.

I feel like a lot of “twenty-somethings” believe they HAVE to have their life together by a certain age, so they rush things and end up unhappy. I’m sure it’s normal to feel “rushed” at this age, but we really shouldn’t!

My best friend Chelsea and I have this conversation a lot. She’s getting ready to move out of state for the first time for grad school and isn’t 100% sure she’s gonna like the area of study she’s going for. She’s worried about that and also feeling behind, because some of her other friends and I are already working in our career fields. I told her I feel behind too.. Although I’m working in my career field, I’m still in school finishing up my bachelor’s, while the people I graduated high school with got their bachelor’s degrees 2 years ago. My point is we need to stop comparing where we are in life to where other people are in their lives. Everybody has different circumstances. School was a struggle for me growing up and I ended up dropping out of college for a few years before deciding to go back and take it seriously. Chelsea did well in school, so she got into college right away…another reason why she feels she should already have a job in a set career field. I just got lucky that my career field doesn’t require a 4 year degree. Rushing our careers, school, relationships, etc. to catch up with others our age doesn’t do anything except cause us to settle for things we really don’t want.(Sidenote: Try not to pay attention to the fake little happy personas people use on social media, because most of the time it’s not what it seems.) Take your time, work your ass off, and wait for the right opportunities for YOU.