Our Baby Shower! 11/11/17

As of today, I’m 37 weeks pregnant! Can’t believe I only have 3 weeks left until my due date… and really, at this point Aria could come anytime.

Thanks to our family and friends who came out to our baby shower in back in November, we’re prepared with everything we need. Now we wait. ⏰⏳

In the meantime, I wanted to share some photos my Aunt took of the baby shower. My mom and boyfriend’s mom put it all together and it turned out BEAUTIFUL!

Cupcakes by my best friend Kat Buj. If you live in North Carolina and need any homemade baked goods, hit her up on her Facebook page: Buj Bakes

We had delicious food, a Mom-osa bar, played games… it was a fun day and we appreciated all the love for baby Aria. 💖

couple at baby shower

5 thoughts on “Our Baby Shower! 11/11/17

  1. Oh my gosh, everything is so cute!!! I especially love the cupcake ferris wheel. How adorable! It’s getting so close to your due date, you must be so excited!!

  2. og my goodness!!! so adorable!!!!! the cupcake wheel is so cute and I love the color scheme they went for 🙂 you must be so excited to be in the final weeks of your pregnancy! 🙂 congrats doll!

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