Married At First Sight S6 E3 Recap: The Wedding Night

mafs season 6

It’s episode 3 and the couples are officially married!

The episode starts on the couples’ wedding night and if you’ve watched the previous seasons of Married At First Sight you know this is when the show starts getting real. Unlike most of the previous seasons, all the couples this season are actually attracted to each other!

So that brings us to an important question: which couples got it on during their first night together?

Jaclyn and Ryan definitely did …and it’s given away by the used condom left on their hotel room floor.

We know Shawniece and Jephte didn’t, although Shawniece hints she wants the D by showing Jephte the bowl of condoms left for them in their room(as if the lap dance she gave him in front of their friends and family wasn’t a big enough hint). Jephte is still “too nervous” for all that… but to be honest, to me he just doesn’t seem into the marriage at all. He proves that by reluctantly saving Shawniece’s number in his phone(why wouldn’t you want YOUR WIFE’S number??) and saving it under her full name instead of “my wife” like Shawniece wanted. Shawniece didn’t have to make as big a deal of it as she did, but Jephte could have at least acted like he cared… like, at least put a heart emoji beside her name or something.

As for Molly and Jon, I’m pretty sure they didn’t do anything, because they don’t mention it and Molly seems a little freaked out by the ball gag Jon pulls out to show her.

Now it’s time for a sit down with the in-laws and surprisingly the families of all the couples are very supportive. Even Jephte’s mom, who was extremely skeptical of her son getting married to a stranger, seems to be coming to terms with it now.

In the pre-honeymoon sessions with the relationship coach, nothing too much of note happens: Jaclyn and Ryan talk about how attracted they are to each other, Molly says she wants to take things slow sexually, and Jephte says he has to get used to the fact he’s married to a stranger because he has trouble opening up to people he doesn’t know… *facepalm* what did he think this was???

ANYWHO.. the couples head off on their honeymoon in Jamaica, and unlike previous seasons, they are are all staying in the same hotel and will have the support of each other. Once in Jamaica, the couples are wallowing in the sun and each other’s company… except for Jephte and Shawniece OF COURSE. Shawniece is trying to keep a postive attitude although their flight was delayed and their luggage hasn’t made it to Jamaica yet, but Jephte continues to bring up how he doesn’t know her so he can’t open up. Uhhh.. maybe talk to her and get to know her then? (Sidenote: if you’re over 21 and tryna get a lil tipsy, take a shot every time Jephte says “stranger” …actually, don’t, because you’ll probably die of alcohol poisoning)

And that brings us to the end of this week’s episode. The preview for next week shows Shawniece crying after Jephte tells her she’s a stranger for 80th time and then walks out saying “this is too much”. No, Jephte, you doing too much …or too little, I don’t even know. The other couples seem to be enjoying each other so far, but we’ll see how long that lasts. I’m not sure how long Jon is gonna be okay with Molly wanting to take things slow.

If you watch MAFS, what do you think of the couples so far?


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