3 Ways I Plan On Growing This Year

Growing in 2018

I’m honestly SO excited for this year! I just have a gut feeling 2018 is gonna be good to me. I like making goals for myself at the beginning of every year, as most people do, and usually those goals are related to school and my career. This year, however, I  want to focus more on myself as a person, separate from my achievements. There are three things I want to grow in this year:

First, I want to be a better friend. Between work and school, I’m super busy all the time.. and now that I’m a new mother, I’m going to be even busier than ever before. This year I want to do better about staying in touch with my friends and not using my busy-ness as excuse to not call, text, or hang out with them often. My friends are always understanding when I’m slow texting back or when they don’t get a call from me for a few weeks, because they’re just as busy with their own lives. Still, I want to make more of an effort to catch up with them at least once a week.

Second, I want to be comfortable doing nothing. As I mentioned above, I’m used to being busy and going, going, going all the time. I want to be comfortable with just relaxing and not feel like I have to be productive all the time. A break is much needed.

Third, I want to spend more time outdoors. I spend wayyyy too much time inside on my phone and laptop. This year I want to spend more time doing things outdoors. My boyfriend and I used to go hiking when we first started dating, so I want to start that back up. I also want to take my daughter and dog on walks and to the park regularly, instead of being cooped up inside.

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