Month: September 2017

I’m Back And I’m Better! (Announcement + Update)

I know I’ve been gone for tooooo long. I was on a roll blogging regularly for about 6 months straight and then… life happened. To be honest, I still could have and should have continued blogging, so I’m not gonna make this post a whole list of excuses. Instead I’m going to come right out and share what’s been going on in my life since we last talked. Sooooo…

baby girl announcement


baby announcement


it's a girl ultrasound

Yes, my boyfriend and I are expecting a baby girl in January! I’m super excited to have a little diva running around.. and as you can see, my dog Lady is excited about becoming a big sister lol. I’m currently 23 weeks, so a little over 5 months pregnant. I was super sick and exhausted the entire first trimester, but I’ve been feelingĀ fabulous during my second trimester. The baby is healthy and developing normally, so we’re happy about that.

Well, that’s where I’ve been! Now back to your regularly scheduled programming… Talk to y’all later!